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Leaders are a lot like Pebbles.

At Pebble, we’re grounded in a simple truth: the future is shaped by the mindsets of leaders.

Like pebbles, every leader is unique, molded by their environment and experiences. We dive deep, uncovering the beliefs that fuel your current leadership approach. Then, we guide you through unique learning experiences - typically away from the boardroom - which pave the way for new perspectives, evolved leadership mindsets, and impactful actions.

At Pebble, we believe leaders can be catalysts for change, similar to how a single pebble creates ripples. We've seen how a slight shift in mindset can spark agility, collaboration, and trust among the teams we work with. Leadership is a journey we undertake together, fostering collective growth - because no pebble goes at it alone.

We can’t wait to reshape leadership with you.

Meet the Team

Meghan Donohoe

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MSc., PhD Candidate

Meghan Donohoe is a transformative leadership expert and an advocate for progressive organizational strategies. Her approach, deeply rooted in over a decade of People and Culture experience and her academic pursuits in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, challenges and reshapes traditional leadership norms.

Meghan's vision, which extends into her current PhD focus on leadership stress and well-being, aims to infuse leadership with humanity and authenticity. She is a dynamic speaker, fostering new paradigms that blend research with practicality, and is dedicated to creating a future of leadership that values human connection and well-being.

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Alicia Wight

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Alicia Wight stands out as a compassionate consultant and coach with a 20-year journey across various industries. Specializing in leadership development, she excels in guiding teams and leaders towards self-discovery and collaborative excellence. As a Certified Executive Coach, Alicia’s expertise in navigating complex leadership challenges is coupled with a unique blend of empathy and pragmatism. Her approach is about unlocking potential and fostering authentic leadership, making her an invaluable ally for executives, senior managers, and emerging leaders.

Alicia’s dedication lies in transforming leadership perspectives, turning obstacles into opportunities for growth and impactful leadership.

Brigitte Legault

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Brigitte Legault has profoundly influenced the business landscape, particularly in the realms of social impact and ecosystem development within Alberta. Her expertise in guiding businesses through critical strategy, growth, and exit phases is further enriched by her successful entrepreneurial ventures, business exit, and her insightful transition into management consulting thereafter. In her transformative role as the Community Manager of Rainforest Alberta, Brigitte has been pivotal in sculpting the culture of Alberta's innovation sector.

Committed to driving transformative change within organizations, Brigitte brings a unique emphasis on harnessing the strength of human connection to navigate leadership in a complex world. 

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